Polarization controller for short wavelength

KS Photonics Inc.

Stackable polarization controller (STPC) converts any incoming polarization state into any desired output polarization state. The unique design of the STPC allows stacking of many polarization controllers in a small volume that significantly reduces the complexity of experimental setup involving high component counts. The easy to use all-fiber construction provides low insertion loss (< 0.4 dB) with high extinction ratio (> 30 dB) with short fiber length inside the box (< 20 cm). The STPC can be used from 1260 nm to 1625 nm wavelength range.


• Multiple PCs stackable in a small volume

• No squeezing fiber

• Short fiber length

• Negligible loss and back reflection

• High extinction (> 30dB)

• Easy to use

• Available with or without connectors


• Optical communication

• Fiber optic sensors

• Component testing

• Fiber laser

• PDL measurement


Type: Polarization Controllers