Single Paddle Type Polarization Controller(Adaper type)

Single paddle polarization controller (SPPC) converts any incoming polarization state into any desired output polarization state. The novel single paddle design uses very short fiber length (< 15 cm) inside the paddle and is very easy to use while saving space in your experimental setup. Its all-fiber structure provides low insertion loss (< 0.4 dB) with high extinction ratio (> 30 dB). The SPPC can be used from 1260 nm to 1625 nm wavelength range.



• Compact new single paddle design
• No squeezing fiber
• Short fiber length
• Negligible loss and back reflection
• Wavelength insensitive
• High extinction (> 30 dB)
• Easy to use (intuitive control)
• Available with or without connectors



• Optical communication
• Fiber optic sensors
• Component testing
• Fiber laser
• PDL measurement


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