Tunable Long Period Gratings

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Tunable long period gratings (TLPG) can be used to couple optical signals between symmetric modes and anti-symmetric modes with adjustable grating period and also the coupling strength (0 – 100 %). The mode coupling can take place between core modes and/or cladding modes in single-mode or multi-mode fibers. The TLPG has a wide tuning range for the grating period from 300 to 900 microns allowing the universal use of the device for wide range of wavelength for different types of fibers.



• The higher-order mode generation (LP11, LP21, LP02, etc.)
• Works for wide range of beatlengths
• Works for many modes
• Wavelength independent
• Adjustable coupling ratio (0-100%)
• Negligible loss and back reflection



• Mode division multiplexing for optical communications
• Fiber sensors
• Wavelength filter
• Modal interferometry
• General laboratory experiments
• Optics education kits


Demo Video


• Angle Tilting Jig (0~100˚)

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